MSAL Soccer LEAGUE Rules

Fall Season September 11th 2017-November 12th 2017



All games that are double headers will be two 20-25 minute halves - if I team arrives late then the games should go down to two 20 minute halves.    


Points for Completed Games: 

WIN: 3 Points awarded in MSAL standings. 

LOSS: 0 Points awarded in MSAL standings.

NO TIES !!!!


Scoring and Time Keeping

Regulation Game (Regular Season): A game shall consist of two (2) periods of twenty five minutes each, with an intermission of two-three minutes between periods and games. 

The game is over after the completion of both halves.

The Playoffs will have penalty kicks if the score is tied - after the two 5 minute overtime periods:  Playoff games shall consist of two (2) periods of thirty minutes each, with an intermission of 5 minutes between periods. During the playoffs, if the game is tied after the completion of both halves, there will be two 5 minute overtime periods, with changes of goals after the first overtime period. The overtime will be played under the “sudden victory” rule. If neither team scores, a penalty shoot-out will take place under the following guidelines:


Penalty Kicks

The coach will select five players to take one penalty kick each, whether they were on the field at the end of overtime or not.

The goal selected by the officials will be used by both teams.

All coaches and players other than those selected to kick will remain on the sidelines.

A coin toss will determine who kicks first. Both coaches must be present during the coin toss.

Teams will alternate, taking a total of 10 kicks until all 10 kicks have been completed.

If a tie remains after all ten penalty kicks have been taken, the process will be repeated using the SAME five kickers from each team.

If a tie remains after the second ten penalty kicks, the penalty shot will enter sudden death. Coaches will select 1 kicker at a time from the original pool of 5 kickers to take a penalty kick using the same rotation as before. Sudden death ends when one team scores, and the other team does not at the completion of a round.

During a penalty kick shoot-out, a goalie CAN be replaced at any time.

A designated kicker can only be replaced, if in the judgment of the officials, he/she is injured to the extent that he/she cannot safely continue (to take the penalty kick). 

 Regulation Game:

A regulation game is one in which the first half of play has been completed 

If a contest becomes a regulation game and is ended due to any unforeseen event, the game is complete and counts in the standings. 

Reporting Final Scores:

Following each MSAL league contest, coaches are required to complete and submit box scores to Rob Schliessman. The standings will be updated to the website weekly. 


A forfeit will be declared if a team does not show up within 30 minutes of game time. 

A forfeit will be declared for any team cancels with less than 24 hr notice. 

All forfeits must be reported to the Sport’s Commissioner and the Assignor within 24 hours of the contest.

If a team has two forfeits they will not be included in the playoffs  - and may be subject to further disciplinary action, based up the circumstances surrounding the forfeit. 



In the event of an altercation, if teacher/coaches lose control of their player, and both players participate in the altercation-THAT GAME WILL BE DECLARED A DOUBLE FORFEIT AND BOTH TEAMS WILL FORFEIT A MINIMUM OF THE NEXT 2 SCHEDULED LEAGUE GAMES AND ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR THE POST SEASON. 

The MSAL Director may impose further sanctions if there is evidence that such sanctions are warranted. 


Yellow card rule: 

When an official “yellow cards” a student-athlete, she/he must leave the field. The student-athlete may return to the field at the next allowed substitution.

Two yellow cards will result in a Red Card, which is an automatic ejection. 

The Commissioner receives a report of all red and yellow cards that were issued. The Commissioner will then review the incident and send out an email to the principal, athletic director/coach of that school notifying them of the suspension. The minimum suspension of a red card is 2 games, but the Commissioner has the right to adjust the suspension (add or decrease).

Failure of the principal, athletic director or coach to read their e-mail is not a defense against playing a suspended player. If you are not sure about the suspension, do not play the student-athlete. 


Playoff Scenario:

League record  

League Standing

Comparative records against common schools opponents

Level of Competition