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I, agree to be the Coach of the above named school. I understand and accept the roles, responsibilities, and authority of this position as described below. In accepting this position, I further understand: 1. That I am New York State Teaching Certified or appointed by my After-School Program. 2. That I am CPR/AED and First-Aid certified (or currently enrolled in a class for certification). 3. That I am responsible and accountable to the above named School and the Middle School League in which I am coaching. 4. That I have prior knowledge and experience of the sport and the rules of the sport in which I am coaching. 5. That I shall conduct safe and well-organized practice sessions and games that will enable students to develop and improve their skills. 6. That I shall give attention to appropriate safety practices, including inspection of sport gear and the reporting of any hazardous facility conditions. 7. That I am responsible for the wellbeing and safety of all of the athletes whom I am coaching. 8. That I am responsible for the conduct of all players, parents and spectators that I bring to a game, and that I will make sure that all players, parents and spectators associated with my team will depart with me when I leave an opposing team’s facility. 9. That I shall promote fair play and good sportsmanship. 10. That I shall conduct myself as a mature adult, modeling good sportsmanship, speaking respectfully at all times (including when addressing officials, opposing team members, coaches, parents, school administration etc.), and prevent my own competitiveness from overtaking the goals of 11. That I shall be familiar with the Middle School League guidelines and procedures. I have read and understood all applicable rules and regulations of the designated school in which I am coaching. I am expected to abide by all of these rules throughout the season. 12. That I shall represent the above named school and the Middle School League in a positive and professional manner. 13. That I shall adhere to all local, state and federal laws. Please note that coaches can play sixth grade students on both JV and Varsity during the regular/exhibition season. When the playoffs come, the coach and sixth grade player must select one team to play on. This means that the player can only play on JV or Varsity during playoffs. The JV program is only for sixth and seventh grade students. No eighth grade students can participate on the JV team or in the JV program. All coaches must renew their contracts every year. As parties to this agreement, the Coach and the above-designated Middle School understand that either party may terminate this agreement at any time one party feels the obligations assumed by the other party are not being met. Furthermore, the Middle School league and Manhattan Youth reserve the right to terminate this agreement at any time. This agreement becomes effective when signed by the Coach and the League Representative. Please indicate your acceptance of this agreement by signing below.